February 26, 2007

Can Prolife Mormon Mitt Romney find Support Among Doctrine-Focused Evangelicals?

Over the last few weeks I've been pondering this question. Can evangelicals, especially those who concern themselves with doctrinal precision, vote for someone who would be regarded as a member of a cult? For some evangelicals, there is a doctrinal litmus test for presidential candidates. And while there is talk of Romney's flip-flopping on a variety of issues including his stance on human life, I wonder if his prolife popularity is enough to sway evangelicals to vote for him on the basis of his conservatism. I personally think that Barak Obama may appear more evangelical to those who are unfamiliar with church doctrine than will Mitt Romney who identifies himself as a Mormon. I honestly have not formulated a position on this yet, so I would appreciate hearing from you on this.

February 16, 2007

Gifted for Leadership: A Community of Christian Women

I want to make my readers aware of a great new blog at CT called Gifted for Leadership. Women are leaders in many spheres, and Christian women lead industries and professions that are not ministry related. For some women their leadership is seen in vocational ministry, for other women it is in the corporate world. Others are leaders in their homes and in jobs and and entrepreneurial enterprises. I would like to hear from Christian women in leadership outside of church circles. What are your experiences? How do you impact your world for the Kingdom of God? Dorothy Sayers reminds me of the importance of work, doing it with quality and integrity for the glory of God. What do you have to say about your work and how you do it? How are you training future women leaders?

February 1, 2007

Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome is a Real Threat to Women

If you haven't been convinced by now, go read this. This is the recent experience of a young women who is undergoing infertility treatment. Approximately 30 eggs were harvested from her body, leaving her in severe pain with massive water retention, a distended stomach, dehydration, high fever and chronic vomiting over the course of a few days. This is the same process necessary to harvest eggs from the so-called donors that I believe are being exploited by the money-driven research facilities and designer baby clinics. This can't really be what we want for our young women, to suffer for the sake of doubtful research and unethical procreative techniques - all for a few bucks. This is not a life-saving procedure and simply should not be permitted as it is a real risk to women's health.