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Today’s Christian woman is a 21st century woman, facing in her daily life both new ideas as well as ancient teachings.
  • Is she evaluating new trends in theology, and the many ways technology is impacting her body and her life?
  • How does she make decisions in a world that says faith and reason have no relationship to each other?
  • Are young women able to effectively respond to the clash of worldviews in their midst, and how do we equip them to think biblically about technology and the body?
  • In what way are we encouraging all women to pursue theological excellence?
  • And how do we bridge the gap between the generations.
These are just some of the questions that The Center for Women of Faith in Culture seeks to address. Many organizations and parachurch ministries exist to educate believers on the concept of Christian worldview. What makes this organization different is that we exist specifically for the needs of the Christian woman, bringing Christian worldview education to have a practical effect on their lives. Examining life through something other than biblical Christianity is detrimental to growing mature in Christ and confronting today’s issues. The Center for Women of Faith in Culture recognizes the 21st century challenges and exists to educate and encourage women in a way that brings timeless truths to bear on living in today’s world.
The mission of Women of Faith in Culture is to contribute to the spiritual growth of women through biblical, theological, and worldview education, bringing God’s word to bear on all areas of life. We believe that equipping women in this respect best prepares them for living in today’s world of ideas, in whatever sphere God has placed them. To this end, we endeavor to come alongside women’s ministries in the local church, assisting in their call to evangelize and disciple women of all ages and backgrounds according to the Titus 2 mandate.
Like Mary of Bethany, our vision is for women to become students of God — theologians — so as to love God and serve him in whatever capacity and context she finds herself.