May 14, 2007

The Land of Milk...

It's been 2 months (roughly) since my last post. Some of you may wonder why. Since January, we have been searching for our first home and last week we closed on my dream house in Harvard, IL. Harvard is a cute little town of around 9000 and while the economy there seems to need a boost, the people are warm and friendly and the atmostphere is very quiet. It's about 60 miles out of Chicago - I never noticed the smog in Chicago until driving back last weekend from Harvard. So what makes this house my dreamhouse? It's got so much square footage even the bathtub needs to be messured by the square foot! (No joke.)

Getting this house was very challenging, but my realtor was persistent. If you're ever in need of a great realtor in the Harvard/Rockford area, you want to contact June Glasgow of Dickerson-Neiman.

And now back go blogging!

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