June 29, 2007

Christian Women's Leadership Development

I have been pondering for some time the relationship between women, worldview, ministry, and career. Probably because being a woman myself and wanting to serve the church - serve God - according to my areas of giftedness - I have been left to wonder if young women today are struggling with where they fit in the grand scheme. Not all women are called to or are necessarily drawn to marriage and motherhood at an early age. Today, this record-size Y generation has more educational pursuits and career desires than previous generations. At the same time, there are few positions of leadership that women can pursue in the church and - from my perspective - the academy isn't much different. But I firmly believe that with a solid understanding of what it means to hold a Christian worldview will prepare women to as they enter the early season of adulthood. Knowing that each of us was created to live on earth, we can seek careers that may not necessarily be ministry-proper, but know that they serve a role in God's larger plan and that each of us are called to do our work to the glory of God. In light of this understanding of work, worldview and women, I hope you find yourself curious at the prospect of a young Christian women's leadership conference that will equip women leaders in a variety of professions and callings while at the same time learning to engage our culture. Nothing like this exists for young women in the Christian community, but it should. If you have any interest, drop me a note or comment here on the blog.


bloggernaut said...

Interested! Interested! I am involved in my local church in the formation of women's ministry, and I would love to expand to reach women in greater numbers to seek Christ as their firm foundation both intellectually and practically. LET'S TALK!

BTW, my husband ran across the website while finding good links for his blog and said to me that I HAVE to get in touch with you. Everything about your vision has been a dream of my own as well. I'm excited about what you do, and I would love to dialogue!

Look for my e-mail in your mailbox.

My best,
*Letitia Wong*

Amy Beth said...

I am a university student who discovered your blog through the GodBlogCon website via Scriptorium. I am currently writing a paper on singleness and womanhood and am surrounded by many intellectual single women who see no definition of womanhood outside the context of marriage and children.

Before single women learn to engage their culture, they need to understand their own identity, and part of that is their gender. The prospect of a conference exploring these ideas and training young women is very appealing, because these are not issues that are adressed.

AngelaJennings said...

I am SO interested. In fact I found this because I typed in google... "Christian Women's Leadership Conference" There are so many neat ones for men, and I would love to have one. I am late twenties, work at church, and not married. I agree whole heartedly with this article. It is hard to find a fit, and use your gifts especially if one is leadership. I crave intense, honest feedback about how to do this.

Anonymous said...

I am in agreement with you. In fact, much like another women who commented, I found this due to a google search for women's leadership conferences.
While I am married (3 yrs) and have a daughter (not even a year), I work as the Girl's Ministry Coordinator at my church. I work alongside college girls who are serving our youth and while I am in the "next bracket" I am still only 25.
I would love to have a conference to pour into my ministry and to give me direction as a woman of God and as an active member in ministry.