May 22, 2008

The Exploitation of Church and State

Last week in Kentucky, a flier from the Obama campaign was distributed, picturing a large cross and boldly stating, "Faith. Hope. Change." His campaign was reported as stating, "We want people to know what is important to him, and a large part of that is his Christian faith." (Courier Journal).

There may be a certain people who identify themselves as Christians who are swayed by this, but this tactic will have little effect on those Christians who know where he stands on the war, gay marriage, abortion, and embryonic stem cell research. What we don't know about where he stands on other issues is moot at this point as he's willing to see the foundation of civilization--the family unit--disinigrate.

When religion is used as a political ploy, serious Christians find themselves patronized and religion exploited. Obama isn't the first person to use faith as a means to an end, but it's clear that is exactly what he's doing in his run for the White House.
"Faith. Hope. Change." Does this tagline imply that Obama is looking to become our first elected, politically correct Minister in Chief? Even in Huckabee's campaign, Huckabee worked hard to make clear that he wasn't trying to become America's highest ranking chaplain. And many evangelicals supported Romney, despite their substantive theological disagreements over Mormonism. But Romney wasn't running for Theologian-in-Chief, no question about it.

It is not wrong to have a religious posture, but adopting a religious posture for the sole purpose of gaining favor of Christians is demeaning to the office of President. Competence is the highest qualification for the office of President, but politically-expedient religiosity misses the mark entirely.
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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are speaking out about the false perception that Obama is a Christian. I scratched my head when I heard the ads, how can someone who supports abortion be a Christian

Tyler said...

i think far worse than anything obama did in kentucky is what conservatives have done with Christianity over one issue: abortion. Mr anonymous is a one issue voter and that is sad.