June 9, 2008

Male = Masculine, Female = Feminine? PART 2

This topic has nothing to do with my view on gender roles in the church, nor is it necessary for that discussion to be a component of the topic of gender as I am raising it here. I am a complimentarian, probably modified to some extent, but a person nonetheless who doesn't ascribe to a view of women as Senior pastor and elder. I do believe I have a higher view of women than I think some of my complementarian brethren have, and it is this that I am trying to address. I'm not out to negotiate ecclesiastical roles or make irrelevant any distinction between male and female. What I do want to impress upon the church is that ideas of masculine and feminine are often the byproduct of culture. And when the bible speaks of male and female, we ought to use extreme caution in moving into the realm of masculine and feminine. We were created male and female and often those attributes we define as feminine and masculine are really virtues that all Christians should seek.

The belief in the feminization of the church is held by many leaders in the evangelical community, many of whom I have great respect for. In some respects, I agree that there is a problem with femininity in the church, but its a perspective of femininity that's been wielded against women in a very hurtful manner.

The following is one pastor's view of the distinction between femininity and masculinity. In this sense, the church has been feminized, because if the majority of people who attend church are women and they actually believe the things taught by this deliverance pastor (including the deliverance theology, but that's a topic for another day), then the church is in serious trouble. Christian women are terribly hurt by this idiocy and those who are furthering the cause of a "church for men," please consider how women might be intellectually and theologically displaced by this new trend.


Collin Brendemuehl said...

Your best stuff comes from your heart, your passions.

Bonnie said...

So war isn't ordained? Ever?

I have one word about armies becoming "feminine" (actually, two): Jael, and Deborah.

Becoming Me said...

Wow,I just found your blog and am so glad that I did. Good stuff. Well written and thoughtful. I'm not sure how to put words to what I want to say regarding your posts, but thank you so much for writing them.