July 19, 2008

LIVE BLOGCAST: Health Care & the Common Good: Solutions (Dean Clancy)

The Common Good
1. The good of the whole community
2. The highest good for each of us
3. Communal virtue and happiness, built upon the virtue and happiness of individuals, families, towns, etc.

1. First order questions (what is right or just?)
2. Second order questions, what should be done?
3. Both sets of questions require debate, deliberation and participation by citizens.

Dean will get into Obama and McCain's health care proposals at some point into the discussion, be sure to check back for more details on that.

Problems in health care
1. Rising costs and coverage gaps
2. Changing roles and declining professionalism of caregivers
3. Ethical quandaries arising from science and technology
4. Cultural and political problems

Clancy points out that medical inflation must end and that government's share is about 1/2 and growing.

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