August 15, 2008

Hannity, Politics, and Theology

One of the greatest problems plaguing humanity today is the belief that it does not matter what one believes, so long as you are a good person. Along with that, matters of faith have come to be viewed as matters of feeling and experience, not a matter of the intellect--rejecting that absolute, knowable truth exists.

The last few moments of Hannity and Colmes last night made clear to me that Sean needs some theological mentors in his life. Yes, I know he has some training within the RCC, but any theologically-astute person that might have heard him last night now knows that he probably ought to leave the work of theology to the professionals. In his effort to make nice to Oprah, he openly embraced Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth. Now as a Roman Catholic, he likely has a diminished view of protestant theologies anyway, but even his own theology embraces absolutes that are rejected by Tolle.

Since so much of the current political showdown has revolved around theological concepts, it concerns me that Sean, in his prominence, could cause the theological-right to lose credibility (what little it may have) because of his haphazard understanding of things. Will someone step up to mentor him in areas of theology?
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Matthew said...

You should send him your resume and a cover letter applying for Protestant Theological Advisor

Bonnie said...

Sean's religion is conservatism...and the politics of his job :-)