January 27, 2009

What Pelosi and Sanger Have in Common

When the government seeks to influence the number of children born to a certain segment of the population as a means of saving tax dollars, one must realize that the motivation is not the preservation of women's rights, but literally the rejection of them. This portion of the stimulus bill, which may be removed today to ensure its passage, harkens back to the era of Margaret Sanger who sought birth control for an "undesirable" immigrant population. There is little difference between Pelosi and Sanger in this regard, because neither were motivated by the rights of women, but in the elimination of a perceived problem and using "women's rights" as smoke and mirrors.

Spending money on birth control services as one means of helping along the ailing economy is a manipulative tactic that should be exposed. I reveals clearly that not everything that happens under the banner of womens rights is not motivated by women's rights at all. The movement is not as altruistic as they would have people believe, and it is extremely urgent for young women to understand that secular feminism believes women's potential--and now our nations economic potential-- is inhibited by their reproductive system. Or perhaps Pelosi realizes how mistaken they have been all along about the implications of a sexually permissive society--the other side of this outrageous coin--or maybe not.
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Collin Brendemuehl said...

You are being entirely too polite.

Kel said...

Sarah, I was thinking this EXACT thing yesterday when I read what Pelosi said. Thank you for this article!!! You are so right.