January 21, 2011

There is Nothing Pro-Woman about being Pro-"Choice"

During this observance of the Sanctity of Life in many churches during the end of January, we need to ask some questions and pursue intellectual honesty. When we say we're prolife, are we consistenly prolife? Compromises that put at risk our smallest, most vulnerable people as a solution for infertility need to be seriously reconsidered. Life is not to be created to be destroyed, no matter what the reason. Another question that deserves some intellectual honesty is, what do pro-aborts mean when they say "choice?" The answer to that question is clear as organizations like NOW, the Feminist Majority and Planned Parenthood fight voraciously for abortion demand for women and girls of any age. Logically, the only possible choice they could be referring to is abortion because for the pregnancy already exists. These women aren't being persuaded to choose what already is, they're being coerced to choose what the brutal, the selfish, and ironically...the unnatural. There is nothing pro-woman about being pro-"choice."

We must commit to protecting the life of the unborn and offer a consistent voice in the practice of our prolife ethic, providing intelligent answers to the pro-aborts who use trickery and deceit in their pro-"choice" language. As evangelicals, we need to rise above the politics within our own circles and proclaim the dignity of all humans at any age and stage. As a prophetic voice in our culture, we need not shy away from our Christian reasons for defending life, and we ought not hesitate to tear down the arguments of pro-aborts who thrive on the continual exploitation of vulnerable women, sacrificing their womb and their children, all for the ridiculous purpose of empowering secular feminism.


Anonymous said...

i believe that God gave everyone- especially women- the choice to make their own decisions. so why is it wrong then, to be pro-choice? it is what God would want. everyone's circumstances are different- only God should be able to judge and determine. some believe that a mother who has gone through a traumatizing rape should have the baby because hey, its not the baby's fault right? but i do not think God would approve of anyone being that cruel to an individual. have you ever been raped? im sure it isnt an amazing experience. just ask around. everyone has their own opinions, but to say it is basically "unwomanly" to be pro-choice. i am a woman, a mother, and a social work major who loves God and is a devout Catholic. i believe in all people, and that God would want me to help and support everyone. as a churchgoer- you and everyone else should too.

Sarah J. Flashing said...

"I believe" doesn't out of necessity make anything true, whether you're talking about God or any other topic.Where does this knowledge that you claim about God come from? From your feelings?

It also does not logically follow that because God disapproves of rape he would approve of abortion an unborn child that might result. I appreciate that you're trying to protect God from looking mean or cruel in the eyes of others, but your position does not reflect the God of scripture. As well, you claim to be a devout Catholic, but your position is not representative of or consistent with Roman Catholicism.