March 14, 2007

Greeting Cards that Honor the Abortion Experience

Apparently it doesn't matter what you think about abortion, this company will probably have a card for how you feel about it anyway.

"Women having abortions are calling our line because often they don't have someone to talk to -- it's a stigmatized issue," said Aspen Baker, founder and executive director of Oakland-based Exhale. "So the chance to honor and acknowledge someone's experience by calling upon something that is within our social practices and social mores seemed important and could go a long way toward supporting people."

Apparently the cards are now available as e-cards, and are available to help people show "sympathy and support" for those who have had an abortion.

"We designed them to deal with different peoples' response to abortion. Not everyone is grieving their loss. Not everyone has a relationship with God. Not everyone thinks it is the best thing," she said. "We hope the people who send them take the time to think not only about the message they want to send, but about what is best for the person receiving it and what they need to hear."

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Anonymous said...

If you got enough of them you could hang them on a string above you at christmas.

Bluey Zarzoff

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