November 29, 2007

Women's Ministry Leaders & Higher Education

I'm on the train right now (8:10 am Central time) and I realized that it would be very intriguing to learn what kind of education women in ministry have obtained for the purpose of their work. Do you have a counseling degree? Theological? Bible? And why on earth does it matter?

I think it matters to the extent that it may (though not always) reflect your presuppositions for the needs of women. Do they need a more therapeutic experience? Do they need to dig deeper into theology? Maybe women just need to learn Greek and you want to teach them? Of course, women's leaders can have more than one emphasis.

So if you don't mind, please humor me and let me know where your educational emphasis has been, and tell me if that is the core emphasis of your ministry or if it's more balanced than that.

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Letitia (The Damsel) said...

Hi Sarah,

Hah! Funny you should ask about education in ministry, because I have none. I am waiting for my time to pursue more, and in the meantime, I'm busy pursuing home life and a family.

Seminary is at least 5-10 years away for me, but this leads me to a bigger question.

I consider myself fluent with current issues that have to do with faith, politics, philosophy, and science. I understand them well, and have no trouble articulating my points of view. However, without a degree, do I lose credibility? Am I considered "just a housewife?"

I guess I have wondered these questions and more related ever since deciding to stay home and have kids and not go back to school. Even with women's ministry supposedly swirling around my particular lifestyle at this moment, I don't feel like anything fits my bill.

What could you say about that?