December 31, 2006

2007: (Real) Evangelicals Must Stand Up

In 2007, the church is in desperate need for real evangelicals to take a stand. Our culture would rather that evangelicals continue their decline toward the left, no longer caring to focus on the issue life and human dignity, but rather to trade those causes in for efforts that appear to be no cause at all. In 2006 we saw Jim Wallis come out strong without much of a cause except to appear closer to the political left - and as far away from the right as possible. We've seen the church, in evangelical circles, take a theological bungee jump -- forgetting the chord -- with the lastest version of seeker drivenness in emergent circles. And keep your eye on a certain denomination in 2007 that will likely change it's name -- and question the motives when it happens. 2006 will also be remembered for the self-inflicted wound (Ted Haggard), possibly one reason some elections were lost.

2006 represents the year of evangelical intimidation and decline. If in 2007, evangelicals fail to take a strong stand on the issues that protect and promote human dignity, evangelicals should consider taking no cause at all. 2007 will either be the year of cultural renewal -- perhaps a revival of sorts? -- or the death of evangelicalism as we have come to know it through such figures as Carl F. H. Henry. This year, we need real evangelicals involved in all facets of life, pseudo-evangelicals (left wing evangelicals) to abandon use of the term and discontinue their attempt to hijack the movement.

Happy New Year!

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Collin Brendemuehl said...

And let's be certain that the message is clear -- we're not out to eatablish a Theocracy but to bring Value to the world.