August 6, 2007

Are We There Yet?

The Bible is primarily a religious book, but...this does not make its pronouncements in the sphere of science superfluous. Its truths are not irrelevant to the discoveries of science, for all truth is one. It is the cultural (religious) task of man as God's image-bearer to harmonize the separate truths of the sciences, so that man as prophet may think God's thoughts after him, and as priest may adore the wisdom of the creator, and as king man may produce a culture that reflects the glory of God. (p. 168, The Calvinistic Concept of Culture)
I really appreciate these words of Van Til, as this drives home the responsibility of man. But moreso, it expresses the predicament of science vs faith...seeking to correct it. Van Til isn't saying something we all don't know - that science asserts itself over religious by claiming an objectivity that is without presupposition. Obviously impossible. Sam Harris' Letter to A Christian Nation is a primary example of the absurdity of secularism and its claims to truth. But even as we as worldview thinkers have small wins here and there, we're left to wonder if we'll ever get there - to where everyone understands that they have a worldview and hold to a set of presuppositions or pre-beliefs. We won't see this on least not until every knee bows and confesses Jesus is Lord. But it is still a worthy expectation according the the cultural mandate....and it belongs to each of us.

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