August 1, 2007

Wittmer's "Heaven is a Place On Earth"

For any of you who might be trying to grasp where I'm coming from on this topic of ministry to women outside of the home, and the ministry of women as a matter of fulfilling the cultural mandate, you should read this book, Heaven is A Place On Earth.
...because we now recognize that our vocations matter to God, we must take them very seriously. Our vocations are more than a way to earn money or bolster self-esteem; they are a primary way that we serve God in the world. What the Reformers that every corner of our existence matters to God....Even when we are not doing "spiritual" things, our actions, when done from obedience to God's cultural mandate, still count.
Women can and do serve God in many different capacities, and we ought to be thankful for this and actively support them in the ministry that they have been called to. It's all God's.

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