August 27, 2007

John Edwards will 'Respect Science'

Forget about respecting life, as president John Edwards plans to "respect science." This is really no surprise to me, I'm just amused at the constant, ignorant rhetoric by the Left on ESCR. You can see this at his own site.
John Edwards believes that policy should be science driven, and that science shouldn't be politics driven. Ideological debates have drained resources from promising research. Edwards will increase funding for and lift stifling research restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, while banning reproductive human cloning.
Aside from his writer's assault on the English language, it's clear that he has no intention to allow ethical reflection on this controversial area of research. As well, it's clear that he doesn't understand that all ethical reflection is the outworking of somebody's worldview, and so his increase in funding for the research is as ideologically driven as my own desire to ban the research entirely. Finally, Edwards hasn't a clue about the science - cloning is cloning. Apparently we need to continue the discussion about so-called reproductive and therapeutic cloning. I'm sure I've blogged on that before.

But alas, does any of this matter? I think Edwards does need to hear from people of wisdom and sound mind regarding this research even though he hasn't a chance to even be the democratic nominee.

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