September 22, 2008

Ephesians Part 1: God's Might, Man's Need

The letter to the Ephesians, written by Paul while under house arrest in Rome, contains 3 prominent themes: God's grace, Christian unity, and the Christian life that glorifies God in both word and deed.

Chapter 1 states so clearly that God chose us before we even existed, but the emphasis is really on how the great power of God overcomes our sinful natures and allows us to stand before Him through Christ's righteousness, "holy and blameless" (Eph 1:4), our ultimate sanctification. The power of God that has brings us to our knees is the same power that created the earth and resurrected Christ.

Paul speaks for himself better than any of us can paraphrase him, but take note of what he says should be a primary focus as a result our believing in Him--that we might know the hope to which we have been called, the riches of our inheritance as saints, and the greatness of his power to those who believe (v. 2:18-19). Our focus must be on the Lord for who he is and for what he has accomplished for those he chose before the foundations of the earth.

Tomorrow--Ephesians 2: Created for A Purpose

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