September 3, 2008

Evangelical Women...Leaders?

In a response to Sally Quinn, a journalist at Newsweek and at the Washington Post, I supplied the following brief commentary about the evangelical perspective on Sarah Palin as VP. There is much more to add and I hope for the opportunity to say more:

I am a conservative evangelical woman who eagerly supports the Palin nomination, yet also believes only men are to hold lead pastor positions in the church. The difference? The church is not the same as the workplace. Women hold positions of authority in the workplace, something Scripture does not speak against. So if a woman can be a manager at Burger King, certainly she can be a VP.

The issue about womens roles in the home is a bit more fluid. In the Palin marriage, obviously there is some agreement on who does what. The same is true for my own home. That doesn't mean children/family do not come first for Sarah Palin. If the implication is that she cannot be putting her children/family first in her political ambitions, we are forced to say the same thing about husbands and fathers who pursue careers and provide for the home.

I hope I've adequately responded to your request to hear from evangelical women. Please feel free to contact me with further questions.

--Sarah Flashing,

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