September 19, 2008

What is a Woman?

My dear friend Karen likes to provide me with material to blog about at Flash Point. Her latest contribution is from her days in a well-known Bible college in the 80's. On 3 pages are contained what are referred to as sex role differences. Typically, I cannot be found to argue against gender roles, but this list should ruffle a few feathers of both men and women. FYI, this list is not exhaustive, there is plenty more that could be shared from the pages.

What is a woman?
1. Mother-A woman develops her womanhood through motherhood...she is womb-centered...She may choose not to mother a child; but mother something or someone she will; her husband, her boss, her poodle. A man prefers a feminine, womanly woman. One reason: such a woman makes him feel more like a man.

2.Subjective-Feelings come first. More attached. Makes much of things and events and what they may mean in relation to herself.

3. Nags-Her mother-instinct, her emotionalism, her concern for detail all combine to make her a fault-finder. Nagging is a device that can get her the attention that she wants.

4. Intuitive-Often knows without knowing how she knows. Relies on instinct, on emotion.

5. Sensitive to people, and environment. She shifts her emotional gears more frequently and abruptly.

6. A Follower-Feels secure when relying on a man (but with a womanly, not childish, dependence). Must feel needed as a helpmate to her husband. Her femininity demands reassurance that she is the "Heart of the House."

7. Jealous-She wants all of her husbands love, all of the time. In her craving for attention she is monopolistic.

It's a good thing the church has moved beyond some of these generalizations, and I believe the evangelical community is in a much better place now than it was 20 years ago...but when these generalizations come up, it is better for everyone--church and culture--that they are appropriately addressed.
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Anonymous said...

Ick. yes, we've improved a bit in the last 20 years - but I know quite a few people who still believe several of these. While they might be true of someone, the problem is that people believe them as generalities - true for all women, all the time.