January 14, 2008

Model4Jesus: Women's Ministry on the Catwalk?

Every once in awhile as I'm channel surfing, I check out what's happening on Oxygen channel's Janice Dickenson's Modeling Agency. It's not a very interesting show, as you might guess it features young women who look very hungry, involved in an industry that doesn't necessarily have their best interests in mind. Tonight I was surprised to see the show feature 2 models challenge the status quo of the industry, asking that they be excused from jobs that require nudity. Why? Nude modeling clashes with their Christian worldview...and this was my first introduction to the Model4Jesus, a ministry

for women and teenage girls that uses fashion shows as a tool to reach today's generation, demonstrating that a woman does not need to conform to the world's concept of beauty.

There is no statement of faith on their website, so this isn't a full endorsement for the ministry. But I'm left wondering about what it means to be a model for Jesus. I understand the need to challenge the image of beauty promoted by Hollywood, and I suppose there is forms of professional modeling that don't necessarily objectify the models while selling a product. Walmart ads and JCPenney catalogues come to mind in this regard.

I'm happy to see that there are young people in the modeling industry, as exemplified by Michael and Dominique on JD, struggling with the demands of their work. I just hope that at some point that they realize the compromises they are being asked to make happen long before they are asked to remove their clothing.

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jgomez said...

Being a model for Jesus means being a role model. As Mayra's husband, I can definitely tell you that women, especially young ones, are truly ministered to by this fashion show ministry. Mayra really identifies with these ladies and helps then through a variety of issues.