January 31, 2008

Schaeffer on Preparing Future Thinkers

In "Back to Freedom and Dignity," Schaeffer writes about human engineering and manipulation, "We need to understand from a Christian viewpoint what is happening. More importantly, we must help those in decision-making capacities to recognize the implications of the issues we face together as a human race."

Schaeffer was something of a modern day prophet, he knew where we were headed in biotech and medical ethics, though he had many clues to go by.

I take his exhortation very seriously, and I hope you do as well. The things we need to understand and teach others about is like no other time in human history, yet we are barely scratching the surface on these issues that effect the most vulnerable in our society. The evangelical community cannot solely depend on the Colson's and Mohler's to equip believers on these issues, it has got to happen at the local church level.

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RosalieG said...

Sarah, Oprah just announced her book club pick:

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

and will be holding a 10 week "class" online & on her show which she hopes will be the universe's largest classroom.

Will you be following it and giving commentary?

Here is a quote from the book -

The Messengers - Buddha, Jesus, and others, not all of them known, were humanity's early flowers. They were precursors, rare and precious beings. A widespread flowering was not possible at that time, and their message became largely misunderstood and often greatly distorted. It certainly did not transform human behavior, except in a small minority of people....What is it that characterizes the old egoic state of consciousness, and by what signs is the new emerging consciousness recognized?...The book's main purpose is to...bring about a shift in consciousness

ust picked