January 28, 2008

Obama Apologist in Need of Facts

"The Truth About Obama's Faith," another piece to be found at Wallis' sojourners.org makes clear who their candidate is.

Obery Hendricks works diligently in this piece to show not only that everyone has gotten the truth about Obama wrong, but that the various charges identified are believed and promoted by mainstream conservative Christians. If he was righting about exteme wackjobs, he wouldn't have written the piece (unless he thinks we're all wackjobs).

Obery states, "Barak Obama has been a baptized, fully confessed and practicing Christian, not only with his lips inside the church but, more importantly, with his limbs out in the community-striving to help the neediest and the most vulnerable..."

He has? Obama is a proabort in the strongest sense of the term, and though he may care about the poor and those lacking healthcare (both worthy causes) he has gone above and beyond the call of duty to defend abortion rights and withhold the most basic right to the preborn-the right to not be murdered. Obery, where does that fit into Obama's practical theology? His prochoice stance is more for political expediency-and he embraces it in full.

Finally, it needs to be said that the Christian faith is grounded on certain beliefs from which acts of mercy flow from. Jesus never taught anything counter to that. Obery Hendricks also wants people to think our criticisms of Obama make us hypocrites because we don't "publically indict the rapacious 'prosperity teacher' and fake healers.

We don't?? One simple google search will reveal otherwise.
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