January 2, 2008

Women of Faith: In Church and Culture

Women mentoring women-this is an important aspect of women's ministry.In fact, I think it defines at the most basic level what women's ministry is. Of course, unpacking women mentoring women exposes numerous areas to women's ministry that are a part of this mentoring: bible study, theological reflection, personal coaching, fellowship, worship, prayer. These are some core areas of women's ministry...in the church. What about in culture? Is society interested in these areas of our internal ministries? Are women in the church prepared to go out into the world and give an answer for the hope within them? One might ask, should women go out into the world in this way. Isn't that men's work? I'm not one who is asking that question, the way of salvation and call to defend the faith is not exclusive to the domain of men. So how are you preparing the women in your church to speak to their culture? Are they prepared to defend their faith with meekness and gentleness? Our children are entrenched in other philosophies in their elementary, high school, and college course work. Women-moms-need to be prepared to speak to these issues. My own son, quoting Mr. Spock from Star Trek, didn't realize he was espousing a utilitarian ethic. I'll post on that another time....but I recognized it and it's dangers. Are you prepared?

We encounter other women every day who are from other religions and worldviews. Have we left the apologetics task to men or relying on our feminine relational nature to reach out to these women? Cookies and flowers may get you in the door, but a substantive relationship will necessitate engaging each other's minds.

I'm going to stop for now, but let me be clear that women need to know how to reach out beyond the walls of the church. We need to be women of faith in culture as well as in the church.

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