March 31, 2008

The Fallacy of Feminism

Have you ever wondered what a feminist looks like? Apparently the Feminist Majority thinks you do. In an effort to put a pretty face on a worldview that has lead the charge in the abortion industry and yet has little interest in protecting their future leaders from ovarian exploitation, this video demonstrates more of empty words with a smattering of philosophical concepts left to be unpacked by those who lack proper tools to do so. Smart of them, you might say? I say, manipulative and conniving.

Cool. Funny. Smart. Beautiful. Strong. Kind. Confident. Active. Empowering.These are a few of the words used by the celebrity faces and regular people to communicate what feminism "looks like." With half the cast of Ugly Betty, Larry David, Amy Brenneman, Michael Moore, Rob Reiner, Kate Walsh, and many others, not to mention the non-celebrities who play a role in the video, its clear that they really don't want us to understand what a feminist thinks. If they did, they would have defined those other terms they buried used: humanist and individualistic.

The word humanist is a person who represents the worldview of humanism. This worldview "is centered around human value rather than upon God." This secular humanism rejects supernaturalism and "attempts to establish the dignity of man on a naturalistic base..." and becomes the highest reality. To sum that up, humanism starts with man and ends with man. It is also in this sense that it becomes individualistic. With no focus on anything higher than the self, even community is displaced within this framework so that the highest value is the autonomy of the individual. With this philosophical system, there is no motivation or basis to value someone more than the self.

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Daniel said...

Interesting! Judge Greer (Terri Schiavo) was a guest speaker in one of my classes a couple weeks ago and he said, "It's all about self-determination. That's what courts are trying to do here." Of course, that sounds nice on the surface, but I see a connection between this statement and your definition of humanism. Judge Greer spoke of dignity and of allowing the individual to die with dignity. Apparently, he views dignity as established on a naturalistic base, which means it can be terminated on a naturalistic base.

Hmm. Thanks for the food for thought!
More on PVS and Judge Greer's visit here: