March 11, 2008

Women Exploiting Women: She's Blinded by Science

Reflecting during this internationally declared Women's History Month, it seems that indeed the impossible has happened. Ok, I guess nothing is impossible, but this is quite interesting. If you are following the recent news about outsourcing pregnancy to India and other third world nations, you know that there is great concern about poor women being exploited by an industry blinded by its own progress.

In a post at the blog Feministe, the writer states:
Rich white American women paying poor women of color in developing nations to gestate their children for them seems wrong. I don’t oppose reproductive technologies, but it gets trickier when you’re paying someone in a far less privileged situation to be a human incubator for you.
I like to get to the bottom line. As women are aspiring to empower themselves and other women, while at the same time pursue scientific progress without room for ethical reflection, it turns out that women have actually been empowered to exploit other women. Interesting quandary.


Anonymous said...

You have a link to Salvo magazine. The web address is wrong though. The address for Salvo is

It's a good magazine - I hope you can correct the link.

Sarah J. Flashing said...

Thanks, didn't realize it wasn't working. :) It is now.