February 8, 2008

"Abstinence Sucks"

Shocking, isn't it? Well that's the message being touted at the upcoming National Young Women's Leadership Conference: What's At Stake in 2008 sponsored by the Feminist Majority Foundation. Are we really going to sit back and watch our young women be influenced by lifeless feminism, or are we going to take a stand for the important place of young women in our culture and bring them a message that considers their best interests and protects them and their children, encouraging them professionally and their own involvement socially?

FeministCampus.org states that the conference is to take place in Washington D.C. on March 8-9:
Topics will include Get Out Her Vote (GOHV), Birth Control Pricing, Crisis Pregnancy Centers (Fake Clinics), Global Reproductive Rights, and more!
Again, as I noted last year, this event is driven predominately by bioethics..and completely in opposition to our prolife views. 'Fake clinics?' Yes, it's a political event - I see they're wasting no time so that they can reach young women before the election in November with their message of reproduction.

But shame on us for abandoning these young women to feminism. What the heck is the evangelical Christian community doing to make a place for young women? I'm not talking about making compromises in doctrine, I am talking about entering the 21st century and seeing the leadership potential in both genders and encouraging young women in their quest to fulfill the creation mandate. And what are we doing to teach our young women about 'reproductive responsibility' or the creation mandate? If we keep these discussions among the middle age crowd, we'll lose the battle entirely. Our young women are begging for a movement that recognizes and appreciates their contributions to society and to the church. The time to act is now, let's stop talking about what women can't do in the church and talk about how God wants to use women in church and culture. Then we might not have to worry about "abstinence sucks" campaigns.


GrannyGrump said...

Oh, yeah. Keeping your pants on sucks so much! It's ever so much better to have a glorious abortion experience to blog about.

Mihai said...

You really are a fool these days you have so many ways to stop getting pregnant that abstinence is a real killer of information.Think about it what is better a kid who knows what needs to be done not to get an STD or a kid who only knows that he is not to have sex until he is married.Straight answer please where you abstinent until you married?

Anonymous said...

abstinence completely stupid! seriously! sex is natural you have an urge to do it! do u have an urge to get married? NO! people had sex before the english or whatever language! and marriage was thought of and told people using language people just plain out had sex! its natural marriage is not! BIG WASTE OF LIFE IF YOUR ABSTUNENT!