February 4, 2008

A New Era of Inspirational Leadership

Okay, perhaps it isn't entirely new. Do you recall the clammering over the Clinton's "gravitasse?" It was said of him that he was such an excellent orator, yet it was July 1993 (if my memory serves me right) that Clinton subjected Americans to the largest tax increase in history. 15 years later--enter Barak Obama.

What do we know about Obama? Like Clinton, he is a slick communicator...lots of sentiment and no substance. Even his followers agree. Tonight on tv they all said that he's a great communicator and inspiring, but were clueless about his positions on issues. This isn't entirely his fault, liberal America wants this kind of leader. Obama fits well into the irreligious religiosity that has come to define America's intellectual landscape. All sentiment, no substance. This is seen in many areas of debate including reproductive rights and ESCR. Emotions, not science or rational thinking guide the players on the left. Are we surprised that Obama is their guy?

For a believer in the wall of separation, Obama is turning out to be one of this countries greatest religious leaders, influencing through inspirational speeches with no substance. "Change" is turning out to be the religious cliche of the millenium.
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