February 17, 2008

Ministry to Women on Sunday Morning: Business as Usual?

Sunday morning service....a great time of worship, fellowship, and prayer. It's the day of the week that each of us really looks forward to, even yearns for. For some, it's their primary time for spiritual nourishment and for others its one of many God-filled days that week, having already listened to their favorite preachers on the radio in the car, attending a weekly bible study with other women from the church and/or community, and plopping down on the couch each morning to read a section of the latest Christian bestseller.

For those whom Sunday morning is primary to their Christian fellowship and spiritual nourishment, this is an important and precious time for them. Their time is short during the week, perhaps because they hold down full-time jobs or transportation issues prevent them from participating in mid-week gatherings. For some, their life just isn't conducive to those things that are culturally church. Unbelieving spouses often make things complicated such that Sunday morning is the only time these women can make it to church. For some, even Sunday morning church attendance is a rarity.

Let's not be "business as usual" on Sunday morning. Pay special attention to the women you don't normally see because it's possible you will miss an opportunity to minister to them in very real ways. See if your church can make women's bible studies a part of the Sunday school curriculum. Navel-gazing on Sunday morning could cause you to miss someone with a real need for fellowship and learning that she doesn't otherwise see during the week. And because of the event-driven nature of women's ministry, the women you only notice on Sundays may have the propensity to feel left out.

It's a complicated world we live in, and the pretty faces in the pews on Sunday don't do well to reflect the things really going on in their lives. And you won't have a clue what is going on unless you are reaching out to these women. So leave the last minute plans for your next event for your next meeting, or take care of some of those things in email. Look around and see those you don't get to see during the week, find out why...and see where God takes you in each others lives.

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