February 18, 2008

Womens Ministry In the Community

The issues that women face today are much more significant than your church womens ministry is able to address. This isn't to take anything from the work that womens ministry is doing, its just that evangelical ministry by women for women is losing its footing amidst the greater culture wars and societal concerns. If you want your ministry to have an impact on womens lives in your communuty, these are some of the areas that need to be engaged:
1. Single moms - engage them where they are at on their schedule. For them, money is tight and their schedules even tighter.
2. Wives of military personnel - during this time of war, does your church provide any assistance, whether financial, spiritual, etc to come alongside these ladies? Many of these women, some who are widows now, are very young and need to know their Sovereign Lord like never before.
3. Domestic abuse victims - don't be shocked if you discover that there are some among you. Create a culture such that women aren't trying to live up to an image or an ideal, rather to develop a relationship with God and a community of believers. Through this there is help and healing.
4. Students/career women - How is your ministry reaching them? Develop coffee shop discussion groups and book clubs that meet at times convenient to these women. For some, meeting away from the church may offer a sense of ease in joining the group.
5. Teach absolute truth. Don't cave to postmodern ideals of "what's true for me may not be true for you." People today, including women, need truth to grasp because the world they live in glamorizes those things once believed to be harmful. Teach on the problem of evil so that they can see God's work in the midst of this chaos.
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Mrs. Y said...

Point #5 is key, but central to that truth has to be God's absolute love for us as His creation. It's so much easier for worldly types like yours truly to embrace His judgment once we feel His love.