February 25, 2008

In Another 10...

Today is my birthday. I'm not writing this post so that you can wish me a happy birthday, frankly I don't care to acknowledge it. But this is an important year in that it was 10 years ago that I began my undergraduate studies at Trinity. From 1998 through 2005, I had the blessing of studying at Trinity under some awesome professors and found, while completing a masters degree in Christian thought, that God was leading me into unexpected areas of ministry. Bioethics and women's ministry seem so far apart on the surface, but the 2 really do go hand in hand.

So as I'm celebrating my 38th birthday today, suddenly the idea of achieving a Ph.D. in systematic theology or ethics doesn't seem that far out of reach, especially with God on my side. Because of where I've been, nothing really seems all that impossible, and with God, nothing is. So in ten years, as I continue to write on this blog, remind me where I was 10 years prior.

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