February 12, 2008

Defending the Faith

The ministry of apologetics has the tendency to seem so academic, not relevant to everyday life. But as I read today how the Christian worldview is vulnerable to Darwinisn in multiple areas, I'm convinced that apologetics is not only irrelevant, but necessary to the effective communication of the Gospel.

You can't take your family to a museum unless you are able to refute evolutionary theory. You have to use great caution when your doctor tells you that you've miscarried and offers you drugs normally used to carry out an abortion (see today's news). And since people aren't really people until they have grown to some certain yet unspecified age (somewhere between birth and 5) experiments on human/animal cybrids will become more and more acceptable.

Until fear and respect for the Trancendent enters the hearts and minds of those responsible for the propogation of philosophical materialism, human dignity and the Christian worldview will continue to be assaulted. What's worse than this, though, is the fact that Christians have handed the external world over to secularism grounded in a darwinism. I realize this is the easiest way out in the short term, but since souls are at stake now and in the future, we need to engage these ideas at every level.

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