October 4, 2007

Live Blogging at Synergy Women's Leadership Conference, Elmbrook

First Speaker: Anita Carman

"Today what we're going to try to....learn to transform the world....to reach the world for Christ...beginning with where we are."

"Where's your 'I am here?'" As it relates to your priorities, circle of relationships, and emotions.

Jesus cast a global vision, "Go into all the world and make disciples..."

1. Whatever you are doing, check against the global vision.
Do you care that some are not on board yet?
Do you need to adjust your priorities?

2. How limited are you by the circles of your relationships? Our tendency is always go to the familiar. We must have a broader vision. As we get use to doing things, we often label it "the Christian way" of doing whatever it

3. Learn to manage emotions. Are you stuck in a dream and can't move on?
Women come into church and everyone is wearing a "mask." We're all wrestling with something. What is the mission God has called you to? God will provide the helper (Gen 2:15). Keep your focus on what God has called you to.

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