October 4, 2007

Live Blogging at Synergy Women's Leadership Conference, Elmbrook: Laurie McIntyre

What is the future of women's ministry? Is there a future for women's ministry?

10 Clouds in the Sky

1. Negative Perceptions
2. Collision of modern and post-modern thinking
3. Busyness of today's woman
4. Emergence of the small group model in the mega church - specialty ministries (like women's ministry) get erased.
5. Being attractive and relevant to the next generation
6. Alienating our more mature population
7. Failure of the church at large to the model women in all aspects of ministry
8. Video dependency
9. Resistance to change
10. Attitude of entitlement of overfed Christian women

Cloud with the silver lining:
At the core, all women have the same needs. To feel loved and valued, to live a life of purpose, and be Christ-centered.
Style vs. Substance
Vocabulary shift
Partnership and ownership

I will interact on this more later.


Collin Brendemuehl said...

Please comment about ethic and (apparent) economic strata of the participants.

RosalieG. said...

Thank you for concuring with what I have already been concluding.