October 7, 2007

Longing to Know More

Ok, I realize that I stole the title of this post from the title of a great book, Longing to Know, written by a very intelligent woman, Esther Meek. Have you ever realized that the more you learn, you realize how little you actually know? That just spurs me to want to learn more. My future goals include teaching in a college or university setting and pursuing phd studies in ethics and theology. I'm open to creative ideas how I can begin the latter, after all, that requires time and money. But I know that God is bigger than me and in him incredible things are possible. I fear that I'm beginning to squander the gifts and talents he's given to me, so I appeal to you. Any thoughts? I long to know so much more, not for my self edification, but for the church and ministry within the larger culture.

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RosalieG. said...

Congratulations on defining goals towards your greater life purpose!

I've thought about your question.

While it would cost money, have you thought of working with a life coach to get you to where you need to be? Rather than Life Purpose Coaching, you might want to try "Goals Coaching" with a colleague of mine, Diane Cunningham.com

Just a thought.