October 5, 2007

Live Blogging at Synergy Women's Leadership Conference: Jane Creswell

As a teen, Jane says she heard God's calling to be a missionary to the corporate world.

Early lessons learned in corporate work:
1. How to lead like a woman and not a girl.
2. Stretch beyond your skills, but stick to your strengths. This became #1 coaching topic while at IBM.
3. Apply the R.O.I. concept to everything. (Return On Investment) - sometimes it's a calculation that happens after the completion of a project. Need to look at this before a project. Looking at R.O.I. is valid even if the return isn't about dollars. Is Parable of Talents about R.O.I.?
4. Develop leaders who develop leaders.


Micah Tillman said...

Parable of Talents seems like it would fit. But . . . hmmm. Maybe.

I always thought of it as focussed on responsibility, not return. But . . . hmmm.


Sarah J. Flashing said...

I'm still pondering on much of what I heard at the conference. A lot of good stuff....But I also heard a discussion about Jesus' silent years (between 12 and 30) and wondered if too many assumptions were made about what happened during those years.