October 5, 2007

Live Blogging at Synergy Women's Leadership Conference: Sarah Sumner

Sarah continues to discuss from her book Leadership Above the Line. How do different ways of approaching an issue as strategists, humanitarians and diplomats. (Positives and negatives with each approach)

3 primary temptations that Jesus went through.
1. "Throw yourself down" Luke 4:9 - diplomat: to show off, to prioritize ego over team.
2. "Command the stone to become bread" Luke 4:3 - Strategist: to forego the pain of waiting; to grasp for control
3. "If you will worship me...it will all be yours" Luke 4:7 - Humanitarian: to bow down to the status quo; to let the devil be in charge. This is the way it's always been done. Going with the flo when it's not of God.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure this has anything to do with the book but the "If you will worship me...it will all be yours" Luke 4:7 - is a thought I'd like to ask you about with regard to something.

Do prosperity preachers preach this same message? What about an author that says God has a big dream for you that will make your life soar. I'm teaching some principals from this author, but I have trouble with that concept, as do some of my students. Yes, God moves many women into big arenas, but does he give us all a big dream that makes us soar?

On another note, again, nothing to do with your blog...

What do you think if a church advertises a job that will pay, let's say, for 20 hours a week, and says "not including Sunday mornings", but then in the job description says you have to help Sunday mornings with set up and tear down. Over 2 services I figure that is about an extra 5 hours that they are expecting be donated time, unless one skips out inbetween. Is that right for churches to treat employees like this?