January 2, 2007


Dorothy Sayers, as I have mentioned in previous posts, is one of the greatest thinkers of our time. Her reflections on femininity and humanity make her a helpful voice to the cause of human dignity in the 20th-21st century. On the desire to perfect humanity, she states
The delusion of the mechanical perfectibility of man through a combination of scientific knowledge and unconscious evolution has been responsible for much heartbreak. It is, at bottom, far more pessimistic than Christian pessimism, because, if science and progress break down, there is nothing to fall back upon. Humanism is self-contained - it provides man with no resources outside himself.
Reflecting on the idea that if this is all there is, Sayers clearly understands the consequences of such held beliefs. But in response to the quote above, I wonder if a godless culture can really be expected to do or think anything else. A society without God is a society that exists for itself. Our society, one which actively pursues scientific advancement while at the same time suppressing the idea of God, creates a world inhospitable to hope and to the miraculous. There is no sign of God, nor can there be, in a technological age that sees humanity as the means and the end.

In 2007, now and into the future, we've got to do more to challenge the symptoms of our ailing society. We must argue against the root causes - the underlying beliefs that support secular humanism, philosophical materialism.....godlessness. We may live in a postmodern culture, but the world of technological progress still abides by the principles of modernity. They just help themselves to a portion of postmodernism to escape the ethical quandaries that they can't escape from. And without ethical reflection, there is no real science, only agendas.

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