January 6, 2007

First Female Speaker Leads Action that Exploits Women

Debate on a bill to fund embryonic stem cell research is set for Jan. 11 when the new session of Congress begins. Nancy Pelosi may go down in history as the first female Speaker of the House, but her legacy will also include her involvement in the exploitation of women. Embryonic stem cell research and so-called "therapeutic cloning" (Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer) will not go forward without the harvesting of eggs from women of reproductive age. As a woman who claims to be for women's rights, for "breaking the marble ceiling" it's hard to know for sure if she is all she claims to be. If Nancy Pelosi is really for women, she will pull the plug on somatic cell nuclear transfer and protect women from commodification.

I predict the next (manipulative) method for extracting eggs will be in the student loan division of the federal government....perhaps "Eggs for Education" or "Cures for College."

I'm looking forward to the Wednesday veto.

If you have any questions on the science and ethics of embryonic stem cell research, somatic cell nuclear transfer, human cloning, egg harvesting, drop me a note or contact The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity.

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