January 4, 2007

"From the Kitchen to Congress"

In Nancy Pelosi's speech today, she thanked her family for encouraging her in her work, helping her to believe and actualize the move from "the kitchen to Congress." Now perhaps I'm reading way too much into her words, but her emphasis seems to have been placed on feminist issues...."breaking the marble ceiling." As to her comment about representing all American women, I can't help but wonder if her focus is entirely misplaced. I don't want her representation because of my gender but because of my humanity. I am a human first, what happened to representation for the people? I'm terribly bothered that the 3rd in line to the presidency (I doubt any further rise to power on her part would be 'accidental') seems to be more interested in the power and advancement of women.

And does Pelosi represent the woman who strives in her chosen career of homemaker? Extreme feminism in power.

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