January 22, 2007

Not NOW: An Open Blogpost to Kim Gandy

This post is in response to NOW's press release, Roe v. Wade at 34: A Pillar of Reproductive Freedom. To say that it reveals a "depth of ignorance" is an understatement, because their press release qualifies as downright stupid. Tell me what you think.
The National Organization for Women, the first women's organization to call for an end to criminal abortion laws nearly 40 years ago, and a leader in the ongoing fight for reproductive rights...
...blah blah blah. I take serious issue with calling abortion laws that pre-existed Roe V. Wade "criminal." They might not have agreed with them, but that doesn't make them "criminal"...though it does make them laughable. A law, by definition, is not criminal. It may not be unconstitutional, but I don't think criminal is an appropriate category. Desperate.

In reference to the Hyde amendment, the press release states:
We must ensure that not one more life is sacrificed by those who would force unwilling women to give birth, but who care little for children after they are born
Fallacious. Rediculous. And not to mention, a terrible sentence structure. Kim Gandy, who the heck is writing your quotes? But even worse than that is the ironic concern for the sacrifice of life. Even if it were true that the prolife community doesn't do enough to support the mothers and the children saved from abortion, you seem to be suggesting that you would be against abortion if it were a perfect world for the newborns. Ok, well maybe that's a stretch - but perhaps that's why you should have logicians checking over your press releases. You seem to be talking out of both sides of your mouth.

Why I'm giving you pointers on this, I'll never know. Perhaps if I can give life to your intelligence you can actually support the life of the unborn you mention in the press release.

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Collin Brendemuehl said...

Their composition was certainly hasty. They should have said "laws criminalizing abortion". Instead they said something, well, stupid.
You go girl. :)
Go Badgers!