January 14, 2007

Working for Christians

Recently I was chatting with some friends of mine, friends I hadn't seen in a while. We were doing the whole catch-up on each other's lives when our conversation took a weird turn - we said, in about unison "Christians are the worst."

"At what?" the reader inquires. . .

Sadly to say, we were talking about working with each other "on the job."

We came to the conclusion that we would rather work for and with those who don't claim to be "Christians" than for and with fellow believers. I know, this borders on heresy in some camps. But I don't think we are not alone in that vein of thought. There are many who find the tediousness of "office faith" unsatisfactory, especially in a "faith-based organization."

I think that holding each other to rigid standards of "righteousness" is part of the issue. We are in truth "sinners saved by grace" and "works in progress" - which is not the "name it, claim it and fake it when needed" kind of doctrine that is popular these days.

I read and believe the promises of God. I also live with me - and St. Paul and I are in total agreement with the "spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" thing. The older I get, the more I know me, and it is a good thing that "me" is a new creature in Christ. Cuz the old me - not good. But with this knowledge/wisdom comes a great relief that I don't have to pretend to have it all together 24/7. Always sharing one's personal victories breeds competitiveness. But sharing our vulnerabilities, now that births and nurtures community.

I will be posting on this subject in the next month. Faith in the workplace shouldn't even have to be addressed if our faith is as fully integrated as we advertise. But we seem to have developed some bizarre split-personality disorder that makes us different at the workplace than at church or at home.

For now. . . enough with this "what would Jesus do" t-shirt slogan. We should know what He would do because. . . daily we're reading the Bible and praying - living our faith, moment by moment - not issue by issue or place by place.

We should know what He would do and then do it.

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