January 9, 2007

The Liberal Sacrament of Abortion

Rush is right. There is no way to make any sense out of the left-wing's refusal to embrace other forms of stem cell treatment and continue to hype ESCR. The only way this makes any sense is to realize they are protecting their sacred cow. The debate over embryonic stem cell research really is all about the debate over the personhood of the unborn, it's NOT about "hope."

Discussing Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), Rush said,

Why must you still continue to try to discredit all other research in favor of embryonic stem cell research, about which there are no success stories yet? It's because of abortion, and this is what's cruel. This is the false hope and the cruelty that the Democrats are famous for. Now they accuse others of it. That's typical of them, too.
Rush calls it like it is:
Why not research on umbilical cord blood cells that can be extracted from the blood in the umbilical cord? Because you can't take abortion out of this mix. Just because it's not being talked about in this campaign, do not be lulled and fooled into thinking that abortion does not remain the sacrament of the Democratic Party and its religion. It is the thing that they will never once compromise on, and they think that anything that stands in the way of embryonic stem cell research is going to be an obstacle to having abortions, and the converse is true.
As we call the left wing to intellectual honesty, let's do the same thing. The argument isn't fundamentally "embryonic stem cell research has not proven any real hope." Rather, the argument is this: embryos are people at the earliest of stages. Because all humans have dignity, no matter their age, stage, condition, or bank account, embryos should be treated with respect, not as subjects of research.

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