January 8, 2007

Federally Funded Destruction of Early Human Life

The Degette/Castle Bill, H.R. 3, will come before the House for consideration on January 11th. The purpose of this bill is to provide federal funding for embryo-destructive research. Once again, we are faced with the question of when human life begins....and we know the answer! Yes, there are alternatives to ESCR that can and are being pursued, though the pro-aborts in Washington and the academy are not the least bit interested in pursuing their large-scale funding for these other options. If there were not any alternatives to ESCR, our arguments would be primarily focused on the personhood of the embryo, a human being in the earliest stages. This is actually the basis for arguing for alternatives to ESCR, but as evangelical Christians in bioethics, we need to be much more explicit about this point. We also need to remind Americans that proponents of ESCR are not neutral participants in search of what is ethically permissible, the fact is they've separated ethical reflection from so-called scientific progress.

The pro-abort liberal establishment is a manipulative big-government corporate machine motivated by power and money, not by cures and compassion.

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