January 28, 2007

Young Women's Leadership Conference

As an advocate for human life & dignity, the Christian faith, and women, I am always discouraged by the work that I see the prochoice/"women's rights" groups pursuing - because I don't think we are nearly as deliberate about developing women to live in this world, we forget (or don't even know?) that the cultural mandate was given to both man and woman. Apart from the chastity/abstinence movement (which is a good thing!!) I don't see much activity within evangelicalism toward the development of young women, especially as future leaders. I'm open to criticism on this, but what I see is an evangelical community in which the 20 and early 30 year old young women are absent. Where are they? Young women today want and can impact the world - professionally, politically, theologically, and eventually, through their own families. But in our evangelical subculture, young women don't seem to exist until they are married and start their family. Sorry about the generalization, but that's what I see. The fact is, women are in a great position in our society today to have a tremendous impact for the Kingdom of God, whether through secular work or in ministry proper. But what the heck are we doing to develop our young women today into tomorrow's leaders? While we're telling them to find a hunky young youth pastor to have a quiver-full with, the feminists are tapping into their talents and gifts and working to develop them as tomorrow's feminist leaders. If you don't believe me, check out the Young Women's Leadership Summit.

So while I'm hesitant to reveal all of my passions and desires in developing an annual event that focuses on young women, I find it necessary in order to bring a group together who is committed to developing today's young women into tomorrow's future leaders. I'm not trying to build an evangelical-feminist counterpart to extreme feminism. But I do believe young women are going to be significant players as tomorrow's leaders....but who will they advocate for? Will they be strong proponents for women's reproductive "rights" and rejoicing merely in busting through marble ceilings? Or will they represent what is right, true, and good, not seeking stature for the sake of stature, but seeking to impact the world that is both glorifying to God and personally meaningful? Time is short, so I hope you will join me in my goal to develop today's young women into tomorrow's leaders. Drop me a comment or an email at sarahflashing@gmail.com and let me hear from you.

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