September 14, 2006

3 Generations: Baby Steps to Worldview Thinking

This weekend I will be presenting at a women's ministry leadership workshop on the what I describe as the 3 core generations of women that are in the church today. They are the Legacy generation who were born between 1900-1936, the Modern/Churched generation, born between 1937 and 1971, and the Postmodern/Unchurched generation born between 1972 and the present day. As you can see, I've taken taken some liberties in not dealing with the generations referred to as Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y, Millenial, etc. I believe within these 3 periods in 20th-21st century history, we can get a solid glimpse at the lives of women in our midst. We can know and understand - and even appreciate - them a bit more by understanding some of the bigger-picture influences that occurred during their lives. Posts in the next few days will explain further this breakdown with the highlights that help to define these generations.

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