September 22, 2006

Christian Epistemology: Bioethics Under God

A great piece was posted today at The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity, one that should not go unnoticed. CBHD Director, C. Ben Mitchell, offered some excellent commentary on religion, the public square, and epistemology.

When it comes to the public debates in bioethics, like most of my colleagues, I argue for the common good. Yes, as a Christian, I have an epistemology that is informed by divine revelation. But when I’m on NPR, I can’t expect listeners to share my epistemological commitments. So, I make arguments that will be as persuasive as possible, whether or not one believes the Bible to be true.

The only thing I would add to this is that when he or anyone else makes arguments on NPR or in similar settings, in a way in which a non-Christian can entertain, he is not doing so in a way which compromises Christian epistemic commitment. To the contrary, such arguments depend on biblical Christianity. In this sense, if there is no God, the God of Scripture, there can be no absolutes -- therefore, no truth....and no science.

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