September 20, 2006

Because my cat thinks she's a dog....

...evolution must be true.

I just finished reading a news report on "little Lucy" just now and, once again, I was completely enthralled by the logic.

Here it is:
1. There are apes
2. There are humans
3. Therefore, anything that looks like a blend or blur of the 2 must be a missing link.

4. Is there no 4th, 5th, or even 6th alternative option?

Yet, even the article uses the term "probable," likely in recognition of the fallaciousness of the argument.

I can't resist, this just reminds me of my cat. She's very pretty and very smart, but that doesn't make her the missing link between my Tabby and my 8 year old. She also says "out" and will role over and do other tricks. Does that make her a dog? Or a missing link between cats and dogs?

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