September 13, 2006

The 'World' View with Rosie Colored Glasses

Not exactly demonstrating the level of intellegence of a higher being, Rosie O'Donnell fumbled around political theory and theology yesterday on ABC's The View. In a discussion with co-host Elisabeth Hesselbeck on how the funding of radical Islam is a danger to the free world, Rosie declared
Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America where we have separation of church and state.

I don't even know where to begin, there is so much to unpack in this comment so clearly rooted in ignorance. Obviously those Christians interested in intellectual honesty in the public square, those courageous enough to be honest about their presuppositional framework, these-according to O'Donnell-are the radical Christians that are just as threatening as radical Islam.

The applause Rosie received from this declaration was equally as frightening, apparently a captive audience of hollywood political theory. Taken in by the antics of Barbara Steisand and Alec Baldwin (who, btw, I find to be extremely funny - such a shame he's a liberal) what more can I really expect?

Here's the bottom line...the church and government are separate spheres, but people cannot help but to bring their beliefs and presuppositional frameworks with them as representatives of the people, and Christianity is no more a system - and no more radical - than the atheism that steers the ACLU or the feminism that steers Hillary Clinton, Rosie O'Donnell, and NOW. I'll deal with their philosophical materialism in an upcoming post.

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