September 13, 2006

Pass me some of that theology!

I believe that theology is missing in Women’s ministries – heck, I think it is missing all over Christendom. Which is more than sad – it is dangerous.

We have become a fast-paced, consumer driven society with bigger, better, more expensive ‘schtuff’ being produced daily. I say that to say this – we are used to getting what we want, knowing that if we can’t afford or don’t want to spend big bucks for the REAL thing – there is probably a cheap knock-off available. This is affecting our culture. This is affecting the church.

Some of today’s practiced Christianity is really a cheap knock-off. Yes, the gift of salvation is just that, a gift, no purchase necessary. But there is an investment after accepting that gift—a time investment of exploring and learning about that gift and its Giver. And what’s more, there is a framework in which to do that exploring and learning—theology.

Instead of embracing the foundational framework, we have allowed a smorgasbord approach, a buffet, if you will. What we don’t like or think is too strong a flavor for cultural taste buds, we put back and choose something a little more bland, a little less offensive—not understanding that we are diluting the very truths that led an innocent, but willing sacrifice to the cross. We settle for the knock-off without batting an eye. We cheapen the Gospel.

The Gospel is powerful, dynamic, and life changing. Presented and lived out in lives of full devotion, there is no stopping it. But lately we are afraid to let it be what it is—we don’t want to offend people, we don’t want to seem intolerant. But most of all, I think we are afraid—afraid that the Gospel message cannot stand up to debate. It can change lives in a “spiritual” sort of way as long as “thinking” is not involved. Faith is the antithesis of intellect and science. Put the latter two on hold, and voila – the former magically appears. That’s why we all need to study theology – for knowing and adopting a framework that withstands intellectual investigation.

Yes, I agree with Sarah in her post three days ago that we should not wait until that crisis forces us to face the fact that we neither really know God or our faith. But I also agree with Patricia Raybon – that one of the benefits of studying theology is more trust and more love. The God who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow is trustworthy. Studying theology will only help cement that into our little pea brains. And knowing that God is trustworthy can only deepen our love for Him and for each other.

SOOOOOO—pass me some of that theology!

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