September 21, 2006

NOW Seeks to Impose Morality

Christians are often accused of imposing their beliefs on the rest of society. Today's press release reveals the hypocrisy behind that charge. National Organization of Women president Kim Gandy said,
The FDA's inexcusable delay in approving this safe drug, and then denying it to young women—despite recommendations for approval by two FDA advisory panels and major medical associations—reveals the agency's failure to uphold its mandate to make scientifically sound decisions.

Well, even if the safeness of something were not in dispute, this does not logically necessitate the rightness or morality of it. This is NOW's first error. Secondly, and in corrolation to this, something might be scientifically sound, but that does not necessitate that it is ethical. Same error. Finally, to suggest that an action or behavior is inexcusable directly implies that it is unethical.

So NOW ethics are important???

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